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Chunyong Li


Dr Chunyong Li

Senior Experimental Officer in the Department of Physics

What area does your research focus on?

My research interests are all laser related: to design and implement laser sources, build laser based time-resolved spectroscopies, and use them to study the excited-state dynamics of novel materials.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I like sports, music and movies. But I enjoy watching and playing sports the most. For example, I am still playing football regularly.

What do you think you could particularly offer mentoring support with?

I received my education in China, then worked abroad (first in Japan then in the UK), so I have the experiences of living in different cultures which could be beneficial to some mentees. I have been studying and working in the sector of high education (HE) most of my life, for mentees who want to pursue their careers in the sector of HE, I believe I can give them advices.