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Gaurav Kaushik

Gaurav Kaushik

Gaurav Kaushik

Operations Manager, School of Computing
Newcastle University


Since 2022, Gaurav has been the Operations Manager at Newcastle University’s School of Computing; before this, he worked in various other roles within the University where he gained an in-depth knowledge of the University’s financial regulations, policies, and procedures that he continues to build upon and apply to this day.

His current role as Operations Manager is to lead and develop the School’s management services, with senior level responsibility for the development of an environment to enable high quality teaching and research. He works closely with a variety of stakeholders including academic professionals, ESS contractors, builders, and senior executives, and is also the infrastructure lead for the Computing Growth Project.

His career has been diverse, spanning Higher Education along with other commercial sectors. This multifaceted faceted career path has provided him with a well-rounded skill set encompassing stakeholder management, project leadership, and operational excellence, which effectively position him to make substantial contributions to the advancement and expansion of prospects.

Alongside his day-to-day responsibilities, he is also a Vice-Chairperson of Newcastle University’s Race Equality Network (NUREN), where he contributes to building a strong professional network with colleagues from diverse ethnic backgrounds and aims to create a supportive and inclusive community where all can learn and grow together. He is also the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Lead for the School of Computing.

On a more personal note, he is a strong family man with a passion for cooking – in his free time, he loves experimenting with diverse cuisines, creating new recipes and fusion creations, delighting friends and family with his delicious creations!