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Jin Huang


Dr Jin Huang

Assistant Professor in Chinese Studies

What area does your research focus on?

My research focuses on audio-visual translation (e.g., subtitling, subtitling for the d/Deaf and Hard-of-hearing), machine translation and post-editing, as well as the cognitive process of translation and interpreting. I am particularly interested in empirical studies using eye tracking, keystroke logging, retrospective interview, and think-aloud protocol as data collection methods.

What are the other key aspects of your role?

I convene undergraduate and postgraduate modules, such as Chinese language modules, Subtitling, Computer-assisted Translation Tools, Consecutive Interpreting and Simultaneous Interpreting.

I supervise postgraduate extended translation projects and dissertations, and work as an academic adviser for undergraduates. I am also a college mentor, supporting students to achieve their full potential during their time at Durham University.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I enjoy reading, Yin yoga and meditating.

What do you think you could particularly offer mentoring support with?
  • Developing your research ideas and project, e.g., conducting literature review, designing research methodology, etc.
  • Using cutting edge technologies to conduct translation-related research.
  • Achieving balance between life and research through effective time management and project management.