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Latif Oztosun

Latif Oztosun

Latif Oztosun

Lecturer in Tourism and Hospitality

What area does your research focus on?

My research focus revolves primarily around Tourism and Hospitality Management, with particular attention on sustainable and responsible practices of both organisations and destinations. My work delves into the intricate interplay between socio-cultural and economic impacts of tourism and hospitality-related policies and development and the impact that this has on the Quality-of-Life outcomes for host destinations and communities, especially in emerging locations. In addition, some of my most recent research has looked at the role that Digital Learning Technology has in Higher Education and its impact on learner’s outcomes and mental health.

What are the other key aspects of your role?

I am a Programme Co-ordinator for the FdA Tourism and Events course. As part of my responsibilities, I organise module content, assessments, guest speakers, events, and field trips for our four intakes of students each academic year. In addition, I am a Lecturer in Tourism and Hospitality, as well as a MSc dissertation supervisor for the International Tourism and Hospitality Management programme.

What do you like to do outside of work?

My family and I enjoy weekly walks in the countryside and visits to the beach.

What do you think you could particularly offer mentoring support with?

I can especially support and empathise with learners who have arrived at Post Graduate research from a non-traditional pathway – such as starting in industry first and then moving into HE. Or those from disadvantaged backgrounds who have had to start or finish their studies later in their lives for whatever reason.