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Martin Kerin


Dr Martin Kerin

Assistant Professor in the department of Mathematical Sciences

What area does your research focus on?

My research is in the branch of pure mathematics called Differential Geometry, with the main goal of my work being to understand the topology and geometry of spaces which admit non-negative or positive sectional curvature.

What are the other key aspects of your role?

I am the organiser of the weekly Geometry & Topology Seminar and I am a co-organiser of the Yorkshire-Durham Geometry Days, which are run in collaboration with York and Leeds. In each case, there is a strong focus on early-career researchers. I also supervise a number of postgraduate students and I am heavily involved in the Geometry Reading Seminar in Durham, where staff and postgraduate students together learn about interesting topics in geometry.

What do you like to do outside of work?

These days I spend most of my free time with my wife and son. I also like to play football, to travel and to read sci-fi and fantasy books.

What do you think you could particularly offer mentoring support with?

I have either studied or worked in each of the UK, the USA, Germany, Ireland and Brazil, which gives me an insight into typical career paths in a number of regions. I can also advise on the many aspects of careers in academia, such as applying for grant funding and postdoctoral positions, writing research articles, giving research presentations, establishing an international research profile, and effective teaching methods.