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Paul Frazer

Paul Frazer

Dr Paul Frazer

Assistant Professor in the Department of Humanities

What area does your research focus on?

English Literature (especially drama written by Shakespeare and his contemporaries).  My research generally focuses on literature and politics, including and especially histories of religious conflict and reconciliation.  Most recently I have become interested in how Shakespeare is (and can be) used in higher education to think about political concepts and ideas. 

What are the other key aspects of your role?

Alongside my general teaching activities, I am the PGR Lead for English Literature and Creative Writing.  I also lead the research and impact cluster ‘Power, Politics and Pedagogy in the Humanities’. 

What do you like to do outside of work?

I lead a busy life of parenting and dog-walking.  Other interests include reading, writing, theatre and cinema. 

What do you think you could particularly offer mentoring support with?
  • General PGR mentoring. 
  • Could perhaps run a reading group? 
  • Open to other suggestions.